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English Lesson was designed to provide English language learning programs all over the world. We aim to inspire people who want to learn English for their future well-being. We are committed to providing the most dynamic and creative approach for young and adult learners through our platform and language learning materials.


The domain name englishlesson.com was first registered in 1998 by British author and entrepreneur, Anthony Auberon Payne. He initially planned the business to be under the BPO field, and have it called Telephone English. However, due to his significant obligations being the Company Director of Asia Computer Plaza in Hong Kong, he didn’t get the chance to pursue his plans for englishlesson.com.

Over the course of time, Mr. Payne became deeply invested in building his organization and publishing books, so the domain name just remained unused and parked. It was 2021 when he finished publishing his book, and he then started remaking the business plan for the domain and website together with the help of his apprentice, Ms. Angel Jhanna Evangelista Dela Cruz, and Ms. Jaquilyn Beltran Apag.

Angel is English Lesson’s co-founder and content manager. At first, she simply wanted to contribute some of the English work and values she learned from being an apprentice and executive secretary of Sir Anthony Payne. When she realized the very importance and contribution of the English language to the world, she decided to be part of the work which inspires people who want to learn English.

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