Free Worksheets

English Lesson aims to offer free worksheets for kids for personal use as it is highly beneficial for both children and learners of different ages. These worksheets provide equitable access to quality education, support learning continuity outside of school, and encourage parental involvement in their child’s learning journey.

We offer customized learning opportunities, promote learning through play, and empower educators to enhance their teaching practices. By reducing financial burden and fostering a culture of sharing and collaboration, free worksheets contribute to every child’s opportunity to learn and succeed academically.

⬇️ Fruits
⬇️ Vegetable 
⬇️ Sun, Cloud, & Star 
⬇️ Vowels
⬇️ Vowels and its examples
⬇️ Curvy Lines
⬇️ Animals and their products
⬇️ Animals and their home
⬇️ House Pets
⬇️ Shapes
⬇️ Flowers
⬇️ Animal – Elephant
⬇️ Animal – Octopus
⬇️ Animal – Cat
⬇️ Numbers

Foods I like to eat 
⬇️ Clothes I like to wear

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