Informal language is a type of language that we use on day to day basis. One example of informal language is colloquial language or colloquialism. Colloquial is derived from the Latin word ‘colloquium’ which means ‘conversation’. In other words, colloquialism is an informal type of language that is spoken but can also be used in writing especially in the literary text since the way the personas speak also reveals their character.

Since colloquialism as mentioned beforehand is used in a conversation, it is not bounded by standard and grammatical inhibitions. It involves a casual tone and often uses contractions where words are intentionally shortened so it’s easy to say. The manner of speaking is spontaneous and personal. Profanities are also considered colloquial. It also comes in an aphoristic form like idiomatic and metaphorical expression but is less formal. Geographical settings play a very essential role in the prevailing usage of the colloquialism so in a way, its meaning and interpretation are understood by native speakers of the language. Colloquialism is often confused with other forms of informal language such as slang, jargon, and vernacular. What makes it stand out from the two is that it is generic, unlike jargon and slang that are often used by specific social groups. It is understood by everyone in the community and can be understood by everyone without any regard for whatever social affiliations an individual belongs to.

On the other hand, the vernacular is a day-to-day language that can be oral or written whereas the colloquialism is an informal language that is spoken. A lot would say that colloquial language is less when compared to formal use but here’s the thing, the language may vary in form and usage but it is a vital part of humanity that keeps us intact in society and help us determine our call of times as it evolves alongside with our race.

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