BARCHESTER TOWERS – Anthony Trollope | Best Classics

Anthony Trollope (1815 -1882)
Type: Social Satire

As soon as Dr. Proudie is appointed as the new bishop of Barchester, cathedral members are in disbelief. Both the previous bishop and his son Dr. Grantly are respected members of the church. Meanwhile, Dr. Proudie and his wife attend a very low church. 

Since Dr. Proudie is the new bishop, the Barchester cathedral chapter’s new rules have been instituted, this includes the suspension of formal ceremonies and the restoration of those clergy who have been stationed abroad, as also informed by the Bishop’s chaplain and Dr. Proudie’s spokesman, Mr. Sloane. Dr. Stanhope and his family, including his son Bertie, who wants to convert Jews, are compelled to travel back to the cathedral from the comfort of Italy.

Reverend Arabin is appointed as the new vicar of St. Ewold’s by Dr. Grantly. Arabin, being of the high church makes this a huge accomplishment and a slight against Dr. Proudie. Reverend Harding learns that his responsibilities have expanded. Bertie Stanhope’s sisters determine that he should wed Mrs. Bold because he is unable to support himself, despite the fact that she is the slippery Mr. Slope’s amorous objective. The Stanhope family decides to move back to Italy as a result of Mrs. Proudie sending Mr. Slope to another diocese since she is so appalled by his actions. As the new dean of Barchester, Dr. Arabin proposes to Mrs. Bold.

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