Phrasal Verbs

100 Phrasal Verbs with examples

  1. Go on
    – I’ll dream and go on my own.
    – She goes on and on about her tea.
    – We can’t go on vacation this time.

  2. Carry out
    – He must carry out my orders.
    – She failed to carry out her plans.
    – Her dad continued to carry out his duties.

  3. Set up
    – She set up the dinner table.
    – They set up their own law firm.
    – We’ll set up a new business.

  4. Pick up
    – I need to pick up my laundry.
    – She will pick me up at school.
    – You need to be able to pick up jokes.

  5. Go back
    – I need to go back to sleep.
    – I should go back to get my keys.
    – You could go back to school.

  6. Set off
    – She set off for work.
    – They set off early this morning.
    – He set off the alarm.

  7. Put out
    – They put out the light.
    – She put out the fire.
    – He put out his money from his purse.

  8. Look out
    – You should look out for yourself.
    – Look out for a sign to the farm.
    – I always want to look out of the window.

  9. Take back
    – She had to take back what she just said.
    – They had to take back their words.
    – He forgot to take back his bicycle.

  10. Hold up
    – My car can hold up to 5 people.
    – He needs to hold up his money.
    – She should learn to hold up her feelings.

  11. Go over
    – You should go over and help him.
    – He could go over the lesson again.
    – She should try not to go over the speed limit.

  12. Turn over
    – I need to turn over to avoid sunburnt on my back.
    – We should turn over our papers now.
    – You can turn over your book on page 5.

  13. Go through
    – You can’t go through the checkout without paying.
    – They will go through the semi-final.
    – I should go through the exercises.

  14. Hold on
    – He should hold on to me.
    – You can hold on tight to me.
    – We have to keep holding on.

  15. Pick out
    – She helped me pick out some clothes for my birthday.
    – You shouldn’t pick out your eyes.
    – I have to pick out the best apples.

  16. Get down
    – You should get down here.
    – Don’t get down about what happened.
    – She will get down in a minute.

  17. Hold out
    – They hold out little hope for the victims.
    – He can hold out for a few hours.
    – She didn’t hold out on eating ice cream.

  18. Put on
    – You should put on your clothes now.
    – She will put on some clothes before shopping.
    – They put on some music to relax.

  19. Bring out
    – You always bring out the best in me.
    – He said to bring out some art materials on Tuesday.
    – She should not bring out her expensive phone in public.

  20. Move on
    – They move on to a house in Manhattan.
    – She should move on from the past.
    – I already moved on.

  21. Sit back
    – They sit back and watched the movie.
    – She sits back and relaxes herself.
    – He will only sit back if there’s an internet.

  22. Hold back
    – She couldn’t hold back her tears.
    – You shouldn’t hold back the truth.
    – They managed to hold back their anger.

  23. Put in
    – She put some money in her bank account.
    – You can now put in and mix the ingredients.
    – They’ve put in an application to the university.

  24. Move in
    – She said that deep rivers move in silence.
    – They will move in here next week.
    – His parents are going to move in with him.

  25. Look around
    – They are focused and don’t look around.
    – You have 5 minutes to look around.
    – We’d like you to look around and observe.

  26. Turn back
    – You couldn’t turn back time.
    – She turned back to me and smile.
    – We have to turn back now.

  27. Put back
    – She put back the pen in my bag.
    – We have to put back the meeting on Tuesday.
    – They put back the wine in the cellar.

  28. Go round
    – They say love makes the world go round.
    – He felt her arms go round him.
    – She said there’s food to go round.

  29. Break up
    – They want to break up.
    – We should break up these large crackers.
    – He will break up this winter.

  30. Come along
    – You should come along with me.
    – She will come along with me to not miss the train.
    – We’ll come along with you.

  31. Take down
    – They asked me to take down the posters.
    – I want to take down the decorations.
    – You should take down notes for the class.

  32. Carry on
    – We should carry on with our plans.
    – You can carry on living here in Tokyo.
    – He can carry on an interesting conversation.

  33. Go up
    – She thinks that goods prices will go up.
    – They will go up to the Arctic Region.
    – He will go up to Canada soon.

  34. Get out
    – She will get out of college.
    – You can go out now.
    – They will go out this Friday night.

  35. Take out
    – I asked you to take out the garbage.
    – She wants to take out her food.
    – You can take out your coffee order.

  36. Sit up
    – He should sit up straight.
    – You better sit up and listen to me.
    – They’d just sit up all night watching movies.

  37. Turn round
    – He turns round the car to get gas.
    – I’ll take a turn round the garden.
    – She didn’t turn round to face me.

  38. Put off
    – They don’t put off what they can do today.
    – She puts off her coat before leaving.
    – We’re going to put off the meeting this afternoon.

  39. Come about
    – She will tell me how the exam come about.
    – Did you come about your book?
    – How did the meeting come about?

  40. Go along
    – She will go along with me.
    – I’ll tell you about the story as we go along.
    – They might go along to the party.

  41. Look round
    – We’ll take a look round the shop.
    – I’m going to look round the garden.
    – They’ll have a look round the town.

  42. Set about
    – We must set about our packing.
    – She’s going to set about college next month.
    – I will set up a parent meeting on Friday.

  43. Turn off
    – I already turned off the alarm.
    – You should turn off the light if not in use.
    – She turned off the TV last night.

  44. Give in
    – He decided to give in his notice.
    – They give in their exam papers a while ago.
    – I think I have to give in now.

  45. Move out
    – I think my neighbors moved out yesterday.
    – She asked me to move out of the way.
    – We’re packed and ready to move out.

  46. Bring up
    – She always brings up the same topic.
    – They brought up some wine.
    – I’d bring up some lemons.

  47. Bring in
    – We’ll bring in a cake on Sunday.
    – I want to bring in a friend.
    – Do you want to bring in some drinks?

  48. Look back
    – You can look back at our old pictures.
    – I want to look back at my old notes.
    – We should learn to look back at our mistakes.

  49. Look down
    – We shouldn’t look down on other people.
    – She tried to look down but got dizzy.
    – He’s too scared to look down.

  50. Bring back
    – I’ll bring back some tea for you.
    – Her photos bring back lots of memories.
    – You need to bring back the books you’ve borrowed.

  51. Come through
    – You should come through my office.
    – I want you to come through this problem with me.
    – They will come through the train station first.

  52. Move back
    – We have to move back to our old town.
    – I moved back to London.
    – She will move back to her apartment in Paris.
  53. Break off
    – They want to break off their bad habits.
    – We want to break off for lunch.
    – You may break off your contract.

  54. Come back
    – We need you to come back to the team.
    – I will come back to school.
    – Do you want to come back tomorrow?

  55. Go out
    – They will go out to the barn tomorrow.
    – Do you want to go out with me?
    – I will go out to the farm tomorrow.

  56. Break down
    – I need to break down the doorknob to get in.
    – They asked him to break down the door.
    – She’s so tired and had a breakdown.

  57. Take off
    – They learned to take off their hats.
    – She’d take off her clothes after getting wet from the rain.
    – He took off his coat and sat down.

  58. Go off
    – He’s got good grades and would go off to college.
    – My alarm didn’t go off.
    – They like to go off on their own.

  59. Bring about
    – Her cough was brought about by the cold weather.
    – It will bring about problems if you don’t talk.
    – His illness was brought about by poor habits.

  60. Go in
    – You can’t go in without an ID.
    – They go in for tennis.
    – I don’t know which direction they go in.

  61. Point out
    – I’d like to point out some facts.
    – They still point out that it wasn’t my fault.
    – She was quick to point out my mistakes.

  62. Find out
    – I don’t want her to find out my score.
    – He believes that love will find out the way.
    – You’ll find out my schedule later.

  63. Come up
    – I’d like to come up with the best solution.
    – She came up to me with an excuse.
    – He couldn’t come up with an answer.

  64. Make up
    – She already made up her mind.
    – I will make up a nice story to tell the kids.
    – They take ages to make up in the morning.

  65. Take over
    – He will take over the class on Monday.
    – I want to take over the cleaning job.
    – They will take over the swimming class.

  66. Come out
    – I asked her to come out with me.
    – You shouldn’t come out without an umbrella, it’s hot.
    – We will all come out together after class.

  67. Come in
    – You can come in and stay the night.
    – I want to come in for a visit at the church.
    – They come in to eat for dinner.

  68. Get in
    – She should try to get into Harvard.
    – He will get in here soon.
    – I asked them to get in here before dark.

  69. Come round
    – She’ll come round tonight to watch the game.
    – You can come round my place this weekend.
    – He can’t believe Christmas has come round again.

  70. Make out
    – They couldn’t make out what the teacher meant.
    – She asked me to make out a bill for the food.
    – I can’t make out how the fire started.

  71. Get off
    – We’ll get off at the next station.
    – You can get off at Sun Village.
    – Did you get off the phone?

  72. Turn down
    – I need to turn down my radio volume.
    – She turned down my invitation.
    – He turned down the gas.

  73. Bring down
    – We use ice packs to bring down her body temperature.
    – She aims to bring down the prices of computers.
    – He will bring down my sweater.

  74. Come over
    – I will come over to your house this weekend.
    – He’s going to come over for dinner tomorrow.
    – When did you first come over to India?

  75. Break out
    – They predicted when the war would break out.
    – She always breaks out a sweat in the morning.
    – He breaks out of her daily routine.

  76. Get through
    – I have to get through this problem.
    – She couldn’t seem to get through to me.
    – They made way so she can get through.

  77. Give out
    – I asked them not to give out my information.
    – She won’t give out my keys.
    – We’re going to give out gentle reminders for everyone.

  78. Come off
    – Her wall paint came off.
    – His grandmother’s hair began to come off.
    – I asked her to come off it and tell the truth.

  79. Take in
    – I’m planning to take in new books.
    – She’d take in her green tea.
    – The school take in foreign students.

  80. Give back
    – I will give back what I owe him.
    – They gave back the books they borrowed.
    – He likes to give back to others.

  81. Set down
    – They set down some rules for the class.
    – She set down her cup and started reading her book.
    – His plane was set down in a heavy fog.

  82. Move up
    – I asked him to move up a bit.
    – He needs the right training to move up.
    – She wants to move up to the North.

  83. Turn around
    – He turn around and hugged me.
    – They took a turn around the park this morning.
    – I asked to turn around and look at me.

  84. Get into
    – She’ll get into college.
    – They will get into California this morning.
    – We queued to get into the cinema.

  85. Go down
    – She shouldn’t go down to the corridor.
    – I’m waiting for the sun to go down.
    – I told her to go down and greet you.

  86. Work out
    – I’m sure it will work out just fine.
    – She thinks things will not work out.
    – He usually works out after work.

  87. Set out
    – I’ve finished all I set out to do.
    – She said it’s not easy to set out in business.
    – He set out the meal on the table.

  88. Take up
    – I will take up some of your time.
    – Daily exercises take up too much of her time.
    – He can take up to four people in his car.

  89. Get back
    – Can you wait until I get back?
    – We’ll get back here before noon.
    – She will get back in time.

  90. Sit down
    – I want to sit down and relax.
    – You must sit down and listen.
    – They should sit down while waiting.

  91. Turn out
    – I’m sure things will turn out fine.
    – Her crops will turn out well.
    – His test turn out poor.

  92. Take on
    – She’s ready to take on big responsibility.
    – I’m not sure to take on more work.
    – They stopped to take on fuel.

  93. Give up
    – You should never give up.
    – I will give up drinking coffee.
    – He’s trying to give up smoking.

  94. Get up
    – He’s lazy and won’t get up.
    – It’s time to prepare to get up.
    – I don’t want to get up.

  95. Look up
    – I always look up to him.
    – He should look up to his father.
    – They look up to their teachers.

  96. Pass by
    – They pass by the building every day.
    – I always pass by her house every morning.
    – She watched the night pass by.

  97. Run after
    – He runs after her.
    – The policemen run after the thief.
    – She said that dogs always run after cats.

  98. Back out
    – We’ll back out of the tournament.
    – She backed out from the dance club.
    – He can’t back out from the meeting.

  99. Cut out
    – They cut out my picture from the magazine.
    – She cut out that page from a newspaper.
    – He’s cut out to be a teacher.

  100. Tuck in
    – His mom tucked in his shorts.
    – They tuck in everyone.
    – She tucked in her shirt.

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