I Love You by Alexander Pushkin

I Love You is a poem by Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin. This poem explains Pushkin’s fondness for a woman. He is very allured with the personality and beauty that a woman possesses. In this poem, it was shown that Pushkin confesses his feelings for a woman. But it seems as if they had been together before but he lost her after a while as the last line of the poem says, “I pray God to grant another love you so.”

It was discovered that Pushkin’s brother-in-law had an affair with his wife which made Pushkin resort to confronting his brother-in-law. Unfortunately, it led to the death of Pushkin as they said that his brother-and-law killed him.

Nevertheless, the mood of the poem seems to be lonely. Who would not be sad after losing the woman you have loved so dearly, right? Moreover, the poem also acknowledged the idea that Pushkin wanted the woman to be happy so he let her go. That seems very devastating for him. He wanted her happiness even if it no longer included him.

The message that the poem wants to be interpreted seems to be connected with what happened with Pushkin’s brother-in-law and his wife. He still loved her despite everything. His love for her was so strong and fierce that he wanted her to remember not to be bothered by Pushkin’s love for her.

I think this poem wants to instill in our minds how cheating affects a person emotionally. It really breaks someone’s heart and causes trauma that may never fade away anymore. This poem has greatly conveyed the message of how truthfulness and loyalty are important in love.

Despite the misfortune that has happened with Pushkin’s marriage, he was still able to write such a great piece. It must have been painful for him to write these words about the woman he is pertaining to. The poem was very short but it did strike a lot of people with the emotions it contained.

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