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5 Daily Smart English Words (Part 3)

We are going to share some smart English words together with their meanings to help you improve your vocabulary and fluency. Include this in your daily English practice schedule for best results.

  • Reasonable
    It is an adjective that means being fair or sensible in a specific matter.
    Example: It’s a perfectly reasonable price to deal with.
  • Abolish
    It is a verb that means putting a stop or end to something, commonly used in political matters.
    Example: The representatives decided to abolish the tax matter.
  • Queue
    This word simply means a line or sequence of something or some group of people waiting for their turn. The word “queue” is commonly used in British English, while in American English, it is referred to as simply a “line”.
    Example: Lisa has to join a queue for the toilets.
  • Woo
    To woo means to seek the attention or the favor of someone or something. Think of it as earning their interest or gaining their love.
    Example: A wealthy producer had made an effort to woo two young actresses to do a film with him.
  • Poignant
    It is an adjective that means expressing a strong feeling in the sense of sadness, guilt, and regret.
    Example: I found Trevor’s speech deeply poignant.

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