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Have you ever felt hopeful despite the uncertainties in life? Do you have a dream and feel hopeful about it? This article is for you.
Hope is expecting or desiring something to happen in the near future. According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, hope implies little certainty but suggests confidence or assurance in the possibility that what one desires or longs for will happen.

To express hope, you can use both formal and informal sentences. The standard expression is to use the verb ‘hope’ in the tense specified by the sentence.

Express hope using “to” and “that”

 Sentence Examples:

  1. I hope I will be chosen for the scholarship offer.
  2. I hope to see my friends again after the pandemic.
  3. I hope he still loves me the same way as before.
  4. I hope that I will recover from this feeling.
  5. I hope that my mother will bring snacks when she gets home.

You can also omit “that” between “I hope” and the remaining part of the sentence.

Express hope using “-ing”

Sentence Examples:

  1. I am hoping for a good dinner.
  2. He is hoping to come back to his hometown.
  3. We are hoping to get there on time.

Did you know? Expressing hope can be varied from degrees too!

It will help the listeners or receivers to know the strength of your expression by using “very much” and “rather”. Always remember emotions matter.

  1. I very much hope that my little brother will return the books he borrowed from me because I badly need it tomorrow.
  2. I am rather hoping that my little brother returns the books on time.
  3. I very much hope the leader fully knows his responsibilities.

Also, you can express hope by using the verb “want”.

Sentence Examples:

  1. I want to become a good singer someday.
  2. She wants to earn a lot of money after finishing her studies.
  3. I want to go to the beach to relax my mind.
  4. I want to become a doctor.
  5. I want you to get the food packs for the meeting later.

Lastly, you can also use “wish” in expressing hope for something.

Sentence Examples:

  1. I wish you had a good time at the party last night.
  2. I wish you a good life and happiness.
  3. My little sister wished to go to Disneyland last year.
  4. I wish my job application will be granted.
  5. I wish to always be happy, including my family.

In conclusion, wishing for the past conveys regret for a past deed. A desire or wish is described by hope, whether it be for the past or the future.






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