Learning common idioms is one of the essential aspects of learning English. Plenty of English expressions, idioms, and phrases are helpful in everyday life, and one of them is how to express someone else’s beauty. “Pretty”, “attractive” or “beautiful” are adjectives that are not enough to convey your admiration. Creativity is sparked by beauty.


Different expressions are used by native speakers to describe how beautiful something is. You can make your message more intriguing, compelling, emotive, and descriptive by using idioms to compliment someone’s appearance. This might help your listeners imagine what you’re saying. We have listed five idioms for beauty to make it simple for you. Try one of these hand-picked idioms the next time you want to compliment someone on their beauty.


  • She is a 10

When we are curious about how attractive a person is, we think of a phrase on how to describe that individual. We set our standards on a person by the degree of beauty. She is a 10 conveys you think that person is attractive and gorgeous. It’s somehow a way of comparing people based on their looks.

This idiomatic expression is usually used in conversations and situations when the topic is all about personal appearance and is considered a requirement for rating a person’s attractiveness.

This is an expression to tell a person that she is perfect in looks and she is a 10. Giving her the best rating indicates how much you appreciate her physical beauty.


  • As pretty as a picture

Pictures in magazines and advertisements have fine-looking individuals. They have flawless skin, perfect bodies, and faces. It shows an ideal look, especially if it has been enhanced or a photogenic person that all girls have dreamt of. But there are some people who look authentically pretty may it be in a photograph or person. They are breathtaking even up close and seem to look like an image from a photo.

You use the idiom “as pretty as a picture” when describing someone’s beauty because you find them appealing and attractive.


  • Cut a dash

This idiom is best used when referring to someone who has these kinds of qualities:

Their remarkable, prominent appearance and smart looking make them stand out from the crowd, they look sublime and superb because of how they carry themselves, either by their behavior, outward look, or choice of style.


  • Easy on the eyes

There are endearing people that you just like to stare at them because you find them pleasing and charismatic. They have an alluring appearance that keeps you fascinated with them. You may stare at them for a very long time since they are easy to look at.

This idiom is fit to use in telling someone that you like seeing them because they are physically attractive.


  • Drop-dead gorgeous

Have you been a fan girl, like seeing your favorite celebrity and finding them too attractive? You felt mixed emotions the time you met them, the feeling of delight and starstruck at the same time nervous. Unexplainable excitement runs through your veins and your heart beats faster because of the overwhelming feeling. These are some strong impacts of beautiful people on those who are attracted to their pretty physiques and undeniably irresistible.

“Drop-dead gorgeous” is the best description to intensify someone’s beauty. It gives a hint to people around you that the person you are describing is extremely beautiful or breathtakingly attractive.


The next time you express your appreciation of someone else’s beauty, you can use the stated idioms above. You’ll be able to set the right expectation not only for yourself but for others as well. These idioms can power up your vision in mind.

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