One of the most crucial aspects of learning English is mastering common idioms. There are plenty of English idioms that are useful to know, and some of them can be used to commend others. These phrases are referred to as attractive idiomatic expressions.

We are the center of beauty. We frequently encounter people who are extremely well-groomed or who appear to be absolutely lovely as we leave our houses. When we scroll through our feeds, we see pictures that people love to post on social media. Therefore, how do we express our admiration beyond “Oh, you look gorgeous,” or “You look incredible, excellent, and fantastic?”

I’d like to present you with five of English’s most beautiful concepts. Some of them may be familiar to you, while others most certainly won’t be.

  1. Look like a million dollars

Fashion can boost one’s sense of beauty. Some people prefer to neglect their appearance because they are too busy. Yet, people change when they dress in a way that flatters them and makes them appear more aesthetically pleasing.

To generously compliment someone, they say “look like a million dollars.” This shows that despite being well-dressed, the person still exudes an incredible sense of beauty and elegance.

Example: You look like a million dollars with your outfit, that’s why people are fixated on you.

  1. Dressed to kill

Although this idiom can be applied to both men and women, it is most frequently applied to women. If you came across women who were dressed in a really chic and glamorous manner, you could say that they were dressed to kill.

Example: She must be trying to impress him. She is dressed to kill.

  1. Dressed up to the nines

When you are going out to pick up your friend, she steps out of her house and looks at how well-dressed she is. You told her that she’s dressed up to the nines.

When you refer to someone as being “dressed up to the nines”, you are referring to their extremely exquisite or sophisticated attire often for a particular purpose or occasion.

Example: The doorbell rang, and there was Cassie, all dressed up to the nines.

  1. Not a hair out of place

If you have been on a plane and saw that crew members, especially women, are just so perfect. From the makeup, their uniform, and their hairstyle. All of it is perfectly done.

When you emphasize that someone is exceptionally bright and well-dressed, you are saying that they do have not a hair out of place. She was well-groomed and wore a lot of makeup.

Use the phrase “not a hair out of place” to emphasize someone. This indicates that the person is well-groomed and wore a lot of makeup.

Example: She was as immaculate as ever-not a hair out of place.

  1. Berry of beauties

In today’s generation, beauty is a thing for every woman in the world. From head to toe, from hairdo to shoes, women should look attractive in every way. They feel different when they have the perfect fashion sense and when they do, some women look up to them and be inspired to become like them. Like all eyes on you.

“Berry of beauties” is used for a group of women. When you go to parties and spot some group of girls enjoying a hangout and then you were attracted to them, that is called a berry of beauty. This expression is also used for women who participate in beauty pageants or fashion shows.

Example: The girls sitting on the bench are a berry of beauties.

So, these are some of the five most beautiful idiomatic expressions that you can use to complement an attractive person.  I hope you will learn something from this article.

Enjoy learning English!

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