Difficulties in Learning English

Learning the English language can be very challenging at first especially if you do not have a broad idea of its aspects and scope. It can be very challenging at first but very rewarding and fulfilling once you start to get a hold of it. There are some difficulties in learning the English language that you may encounter in the process.

As mentioned in an article from FluentU, there are three major difficulties in learning English and these are vocabulary words with multiple meanings, words that don’t sound the way they look, and getting real-life speaking practice.

First is the vocabulary words with multiple meanings. This pertains to words that have different meanings depending on how you use them. An example is the word nails which can refer to your fingernails or toenails. It can also refer to the tiny metal pieces used in construction to hold the ends of wood or such. This can be challenging especially for beginners that is why you need to have broad and extensive comprehension and vocabulary skills to master the language.

Second, words that don’t sound the way they look. An example is a psychology wherein the first letter isn’t pronounced. Another example is the word often wherein the third letter which is the letter t is not pronounced. This can challenge those people who want to learn English because these terminologies can confuse them and give them a hard time understanding a lot of terms.

Lastly, getting real-life speaking practice. It requires confidence and patience. It starts with your discipline to practice the language once in a while incorporating confidence and patience. You have to feel confident in the language and if ever you commit mistakes, learn from those. The process may seem to be a long one but when you have patience, it will all be worth it.

There may be a lot of difficulties learning the English language. But if you are really persistent, you will soon understand its concepts and master it. It may be difficult at first but after you get to overcome the difficulties, it will give a positive impact on your life.


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