Think Twice Before You Quit

Obstacles and hindrances without a doubt are already part of our daily lives that we need to learn to deal with and manage. These hindrances can serve as a test for our faith, patience, perseverance, and belief in ourselves. But sometimes, these hardships may seem to appear too challenging which tends to somehow leave us with no choice but to resort to quitting.

Here are two things to take note of before you decide to quit.

  1. Look at the progress you’ve made.

If you feel like everything you’re doing is a complete failure, look at the progress you have made. The improvements, the baby steps, and the small things you did have contributed to the progress you were able to acquire. Look how far you’ve gone and ask yourself, is it already worth it to stop now? Now that you’ve gone so far and you know you just need a few more pushes to reach your goal? Assess yourself, are you ready to stop and quit?

And after taking note of the first one, the second thing you need to think about is:

  1. Thinking twice before deciding anything.

Look back on the first note. After assessing your progress, you resort to asking yourself, to think of the accomplishments you’ve done, to think thoroughly of the decision you really want to make. Thinking twice even thrice can give a huge impact on decision makings as it can show you the purpose of what you’re doing and make you rethink the reasons why you wanted to do this thing, why you made it this far and how it will all be worth it in the end.

Sometimes we feel like we’re on the verge of jumping that cliff and just giving up but before doing so, take a deep breath and look down. Are you willing to fall down and get back to zero or to just look back and think of things to come up with better ways to finish the work you’ve started?

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Elaine Marie I. Abesamis is currently a Senior High school student at Far Eastern University. During her elementary years until now, she is a consistent honor student. Apart from that, she has also a passion dedicated to writing. She joined the school publication in her Junior High school and served as a contributor there for the Feature, Science and Health, and Editorial Page. She is also a former member of the current senior high school’s Official Publication. She also has experience from joining various competitions and winning some of those. Moreover, she has also attended several trainings, workshops, and seminars for writing workshops. Apart from writing, she is also fond of reading which makes her vocabulary extend that can help her in writing. She expresses herself well through writing especially in essays and poems. She had also the experience of being a proofreader from an author and she also joined some organizations as a content writer for those.