People learn different languages from different parts of the country, in different families and communities where they grew up. Learning a language is truly important to be able to communicate well with others. But some people still questioned the purpose of using the English language if they do have their own native language. Why do we really need to learn the usage of the Standard American Language?

When I was in college, our teachers were doing their best to help us understand the importance of Standard English and why we should study it. I understand that it would be difficult for us since it is not our native language. However, I learned that English is also a key to being successful in our chosen profession. Those who are more proficient in English tend to be more easily hired and more successful on the job. In our daily lives, we might encounter talking to people raised in a different country. Hence, we do need to learn to use the standardized English language to be able to communicate with them.

“Standard American English usage is linguistic good manners, sensitively and accurately matched to context—to listeners or readers, to the situation, and to purpose. But because our language is constantly changing, mastering its appropriate usage is not a one-time task like learning the multiplication tables. Instead, we are constantly obliged to adjust, adapt, and revise what we have learned.” (The Columbia Guide to Standard American English. Columbia University Press, 1993) With this, we can say that learning Standard American Language is a lifelong process.

It is true that Standard American English is a version of English that should be easily understood by anyone in the country. Like when you are watching television, you may find that most clips from local news channels around the country just sound the same. That is because the real importance of Standard American English is to minimize uncertainty, confusion, and misunderstanding, and to serve as a medium for easy communication.

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