Your Secretary, Your Jewel

Secretaries are one of the employees that are under-appreciated. They are seen simply as the assistants of those in higher positions. But they are very important to every person that they serve.

Without secretaries, workloads are too much of a burden to their bosses. Their boss may find a hard time finishing their tasks without a secretary to lean on. Secretaries help their boss in almost everything especially in lessening the burden of the workload so they can clear up the schedule of their bosses. They make everything somehow easier for their bosses.

Secretaries are very essential as they are the ones who coordinate with other people for their boss to arrange meetings, schedules and client meets. Without them, even reading various emails until the end may seem to be an impossible thing the bosses can finish.

Not that we are invalidating the hardships of the boss because we all know they wouldn’t be called a ‘boss’ if they didn’t work hard up to where they are right now. But it simply shows that secretaries really aid in almost every aspect of work. May it be professional or even personal. They are literally all around.

And with that, they should be considered a jewel that should be taken care of. The burden of their job as well is immeasurable and it is right just to take care of them and treat them properly for doing their job. More than a liability, secretaries are an asset that should be treasured and taken care of as it is hard to find a new secretary that can be familiar with the tasks to accomplish and that can be trusted easily.

It’s hard to find another person to fill in the void that the secretary left especially if the boss has been very comfortable around that person. In work, they should maintain professionalism, yes, but to have a connection at least with the people you work with is hard to build with any other person:

So give appreciation to them and show gratitude, they truly deserve those.

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