Have you attended a wedding before? If yes, you’ve got the idea of what this article is all about!

The term “motif” is commonly used when a wedding event is upcoming, right? In fact, a motif is not a theme, but both of them are linked to each other. Motif helps develop the theme. It could be in action, color, image, or tone/sound. It is repeated throughout the entire literary piece. But, do not mistakenly identify motifs as symbols or themes or plots. In a film or a book, symbols can just be seen or read in just a portion. It is like a clue. Also, the motif and theme are different. The theme is the whole idea of a particular piece, the entirety. Lastly, it is definitely not a plot. The plot refers to the main events of a story or play.

However, a motif is like steps in a story or literary work to know the main point. It leaves breadcrumbs on every corner. It helps the flow of the narration of the story. Motif occurs again and again throughout the piece. One great example is The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. The major theme of the book is corruption. The motifs revolving in the piece are wealth, finance, and infidelity. Another example is Macbeth. A few of the motifs in the play are light and darkness. According to Reedsy Ltd. (2019), these are a few examples of motifs taken from famous literary pieces:

  • Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling

Motifs: Light and dark (the battle of good versus evil), song and singing (friendship and unity)

  • Lord of the Flies by William Golding

Motifs: Fire (connection to technology and civilization), religious allegory (moral truth)

  • Hamlet by William Shakespeare

Motifs: Ears (the unreliability of truth), birth and death (ephemerality of existence)

Every literary piece is unique, therefore, every author has their own brilliant way on how he/she will deliver the detail of a book, film, or play to make it more interesting! Motifs can make the piece more creative as well. It interests the audience, readers, and viewers to dig deeper and search for the unknown. It can also develop one’s analytical skills.

All the books you’ve read and films you’ve watched have their motifs. Today, I challenge you to read your favorite book or watch your favorite movie again and list the motifs from it. You will surely have fun and learn!

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