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Characterization is a writer’s tool to develop characters in his or her story. In the 15th century, Aristotle defined characterization as speaking about the importance of plot over a character in Poetics. ‘’Tragedy is representation, not of men, but of action and life”. What Aristotle meant by “tragedy” is that it is not centered on the thoughts, dreams, and histories of the characters. The story is centered on what happens to the plot, so the author engages characterization to share details about those thoughts, dreams, and histories, without floating away from the action.

There are 2 different approaches to characterization

  1. Direct Characterisation
  • the writer tells us what he or she wants us to know about the character.
  1. Indirect Characterisation
  • the writer wants us to show things about the character to help us understand the character’s personality and effect on the other characters.

We are done with the two approaches to characterization. Now let’s proceed to the five methods of characterization.

5 Methods of Characterisation

Use the mnemonic device of STEAL to always remember the five methods of characterization

Speech – it is described as what the character is saying in the story and how the

              character speak.

Thoughts – if the writer is wise and able to share every character’s thoughts, behavior

                  and feelings, then we can learn a lot of things about the characters


Effect on others toward the character-revelation of the character’s effect on other

                  people and does other characters behave or feel in reaction to the


Actions – it tells us what the character does and how he or she behaves.

Looks/Appearance – describes how the character looks and dresses.

Definitely, the characters we read and meet in our favorite books are just as complicated as the people we meet in our everyday lives. They are multi-sided. Sometimes they’re generous and nice. Other times, they are petty and jealous.

We will learn a lot of layers and unfold the greatest intrigue if the character created by the writer is strong. This is one of the most necessary elements of great novels and short stories, and it’s what makes some books enjoyable to read.

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