Literature has been part of my life since I was younger. Reading stories, poems and essays was my favorite hobby. I still recall the days when reading books was my daily habit before I sleep. One of the best stories I read was the biography of our national hero Dr. Jose Rizal.  When I grew up, I learned to express how I feel through writing. I loved writing everything that comes to my mind.

We have come a long way and still, literature helps us awaken our minds and widen our thoughts to reality and the historical backgrounds of the world. As we go to school and study history and literature, we learn that we, people have differences when it comes to culture. It is important to be multicultural aware to understand and appreciate the history, values, experiences, and lifestyles of one another.

Through literature, we had the idea of what happened in the past. We learn through the ways history is recorded, in the forms of manuscripts, and through the speech itself. In periods from ancient Egypt, we can gather their history through hieroglyphics and paintings. The symbols Egyptians left behind are what we now use to understand their culture. This is different from Greek and Roman culture, which is found with greater ease, because of their innate desire for accuracy in their writing. Because of literature, we can easily connect ourselves to the psyche of authors through their stories. The famous novels of Rizal, Noli Me Tangere, and El Filibusterismo tell us stories about the colonization of the Philippines by Spain which has also influenced our Filipino culture.

It is undeniable that literature is important since it is a reflection of humanity and a way to understand each other. By listening to the voice of another person and by reading their stories, we can realize how a person thinks. I believe that literature is an art of expression and it helps us understand ourselves as well. Creating a place where there is greater understanding and awareness between groups promotes harmony and unity in a society.

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Angela Llasus

Angela Malla Llasus was born on September 24, 1997 at Villaverde Imus, Cavite. She is currently residing at Tumalalud, Mambusao, Capiz. She started her elementary grades at Pasong Buaya II Elementary School Imus, Cavite from Grade one to five and finished at Caidquid Elementary School Mambusao, Capiz as Valedictorian in the year 2010. She then enrolled in her secondary education at Mambusao National High School where she was a consistent honor student and graduated as Salutatorian in the year 2014. She pursued her college at Capiz State University Burias, Mambusao, Capiz, and took up a Bachelor of Secondary Education major in Mathematics. Because of her hard work, she graduated with an academic award year 2018. During her college days, she taught freshmen students for her practice in her chosen profession. There she learned to work under pressure, interact positively with her colleagues in school and handle different behaviors of students. The experience has been challenging yet fulfilling. Angela loves English and Mathematics. Aside from numbers, her hobbies are writing literary pieces like poems and essays. During her school days, she joined different literary contests and journalism workshops because of her passion for writing. She also loves singing. For her, writing and singing are the best ways to express your feelings. As of now, her goal is to find a stable job to support her family. Because of her determination to achieve her goal, she searched for a job to help her family. She has been employed at Inspiro Relia, Inc. as a Customer Service Representative for more than a year. She believes that hard work and patience will lead you to a brighter future.