How To Talk About Sex Idiomatically

Sex is a very sensitive topic to be discussed especially if…

1. you have a little knowledge about it;
2. if the person you are talking to is close-minded or;
3. if you do not know how to appropriately discuss it.  While there are some people who stigmatized or treat this topic as taboo, we should start discussing it as early as we can knowing that involves ourselves, our own body, and other things related to sex and relationships. One way to perfectly incorporate this topic in some conversations is through the use of idiomatic expressions.

Although we want to have an open discussion about sex education to widen and deepen the perspective, we can also start in simpler ways to avoid a drastic change or a drastic approach to this topic. Idiomatic expressions express messages or statements far from the literal meanings of the words used. By using idioms, we can express knowledge and information in a lesser awkward context for people.

Here are some of the idiomatic expressions that can be used in a sexual discourse or any discussions about sex:

  1. Ride the flagpole which means heterosexual intercourse.
  2. Netflix and chill which means sexual intercourse
  3. Bedroom eyes which means eyes seem to invite sex
  4. Sugar daddy means a rich man who gives money, gifts, or any luxury to a woman younger than him in exchange for sexual needs.
  5. Have the hots for (somebody) which means sexual attraction to somebody

These statements can be used in order to avoid awkward situations especially when we communicate with other people. Take note that some of these are really informal and should not be used in professional settings. Some statements are very common already such as sugar daddy/mommy and make love that people do not treat these as idiomatic expressions anymore as they were already normalized as the society modernized.

To sum up, these idiomatic expressions can help us break the stigma and have a fun and open discussion about sex. It is just important that we know how to put into words our thoughts and how we can deliver these without sounding offensive, discriminative or belittling.

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