There’s Nothing Wrong In Saying ‘NO’

Why does it feel like a shame to say no?

Was there ever a time you ended up saying yes to an invite of someone even if you really didn’t want to go but you’re just too shy to turn their offer down? Or when you ended up saying yes to an offer of someone to not make them feel bad for rejecting their offer?

Because if there was a time like that that has ever happened to you, don’t worry because we’ve all been there as well. It is normal to feel bad for turning down an offer but instead of feeling bad all the time for rejecting an offer, why not teach yourself that saying no isn’t a shameful thing to do?

Saying no does not mean you did not take time to appreciate or look into the offer and think about it. Saying no does not mean you do not value the person or the relationship you have with that person.

It is not wrong to reject something you’re not comfortable doing. It is not wrong to change your mind and say no if you happen to change your plans after a while.

Even if they’re your workmate, teacher, boss, friends, even family, or partner, that does not mean that they cannot receive a response of ‘no’ from you. It is not your responsibility to be available all the time and say ‘yes’ to them.

It’s okay to reject an invitation to a party and just spend your night watching a movie instead. It’s okay to do things that you think are good for you. It’s okay to give time to yourself and let your social life rest for a while.

Saying no is not wrong. The mindset of seeing people who say no as a shameful thing to see is what’s wrong. Don’t let yourself feel bad for doing something that you think is good for your mental health.

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