Teaching children is not as easy as they are easily distracted, and they tend to focus on playing and having some enjoyable moments.

1. Learning through hearing

  • The number of words that the children hear on a day-to-day basis has a massive impact on them. This regular hearing of words will ponder on the minds of the children. It is an excellent technique for teaching the children some knowledgeable information.

2. Social Relations

  • According to Michigan State University, children need interaction with other individuals to foster their learning as hearing what they see on television or the stories that they hear from their relatives does not ensure that they are learning from it. It is also crucial that children should be able to learn in conveying their hardships and difficulties.

3. Learning things that Best Interest Them

  • Children often do not listen to what goes through their day or some random events that others have encountered. It is often they tend to emphasize themselves, including talking about what food they like, the toys they want, etc. Self- centered was highlighted in the behavior of the children.

4. Learning through Significant Context

  • To teach children with words, it is helpful that teachers can connect their words with jolly or playful experiences as this will help the children to get attuned to the lesson that is shared. It is helpful to implore rich vocabulary into ordinary and enjoyable experiences.

5. Grammatical development and Learning of Vocabulary are a Reciprocal Endeavour

  • Revealing children to rich vocabulary and correct grammar will help them learn literacy through a natural process. It is not essential to make quizzes and let the children automatically study the overall concept of grammar. In these events, what matters most is slowly but surely that they are developing the essence of it. Making mistakes will be a natural part of children as they are still creating a good foundation in which it is necessary to guide them.

6. Positivity

  • Parents, teachers, and individuals should pay attention to the words they utter as language not only expresses our thoughts but also our feelings as well. Children are highly sensitive to their emotional state, and seeing intense reactions could hinder their ability to perform the tasks. Moreover, it could affect their performance and concentration.

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