Reading Schemes

Reading Scheme is something all students are familiar with, but the term is unfamiliar though this may not be the case for teachers. According to Oxford Owl (2020), a reading scheme is a series of books written carefully to support the process of learning to read and help children make progress as readers. An effective reading scheme is necessary for students to learn how to read and love reading. The practice of reading schemes differs in countries, specifically here in the Philippines.

Reading has a lot of benefits that mainly help in the development of vocabulary and comprehension. These benefits in reading can help you finish your school tasks, which are essays, papers, and many more. Sadly, only a few have been able to develop their reading skills. The Philippines scored lowest in reading comprehension in the 2018 Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA). Such cause is primarily because of the lack of funding from the government for textbooks and reading materials. Most public schools share their books that are shared by two students. And some don’t have books at all. Non-profit organizations exist to help students bridge the gap in their learning, and it all starts with good reading habits.

Sa Aklat Sisikat Foundation (SAS) has a substantial influence on the reading skills of Filipinos. SAS is a non-profit organization that promotes good reading habits and a love of learning for students. They want children to realize the joy of reading. SAS is just one of the organizations that encourage reading for Filipino children. However, this is not enough to motivate students to read. To read effectively, students need to have a proper support system and materials at hand though this is not the case in the Philippines. A support system should include the parents, teachers, government, and stockholders. Education in the Philippines is problematic as it is. However, if everyone works together and extends a helping hand, we can help improve it.

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