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Reading enhances communication skills and develops the mind. As early as possible, it is important for children to be taught how to read basic words. However, sometimes, it is hard to teach beginners how to read, that is why we need to observe some methods and approaches to teaching reading.

For beginners, onset and rime can help students decode new words when reading and spell words when writing. The onset is the first consonant or consonant cluster of the word, whereas the rime is the vowel and consonants that follow it or the last letter of the word.

Onset is the start of the word, the first consonant of the first consonant blend of the word. For example, in the word bend, the onset is the letter /b/ and for the word blend, the onset is the letters /b/ and /l/ or BL.

Rime is usually a vowel or last consonant that refers to the string of the letters that follow. For example, in the words bend and blend, both have the same rime which is the –end.

Few more examples:

Words: Twig and Wig

Onset: /tw/ and /w/

Rime: -ig

Words: Break and Beak

Onset: /br/ and /b/

Rime: -eak

Words: Bag and Flag

Onset: /b/ and /fl/

Rime: -ag

It is important to introduce the onset and rime to students for them to be able to learn even the five-letter words. Once this strategy has been taught to the students, it will be easy for them to identify letters in a word and recognize rhyming words and compare the differences of each word. Teaching students to recognize onset and rime will have a great impact on their literacy skills

This strategy will help the students to learn about word families, which can lay the foundation for spelling strategies. Developing and improving the student’s reading and spelling acquisition is by learning these components of phonological awareness.

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