Intelligence is the core of the human mind, what makes us- humans different from other organisms roaming the face of the planet. In order to understand what intelligence is, we must first bear in mind that there are various concepts about intelligence that developed through the years.

The traditional concept of intelligence is that it is a common faculty present in each one of us however, contemporary concepts’ main; premise about what intelligence is that it comes in distinct forms that vary in each individual. Following this notion of intelligence is Howard Gardner`s theory of multiple intelligences in 1983. He points out that the use of IQ or intelligence quotient is limited and therefore far from being accurate.

Contrary to this traditional concept, Gardner identifies eight distinctions of intelligence to acquire and process information and later on apply them. The first one is verbal-linguistic intelligence which is the ability of an individual to perceive language while logical-mathematical intelligence is the capacity to distinguish patterns and be governed by reason and logic. What makes Gardner`s theory apart from the traditional perception of intelligence is that it is not limited to academic preferences and research-centered types but also involves the arts and aesthetics. Musical intelligence or the ability to produce music by singing or playing musical instruments and bodily-kinesthetic which involves the use of the body to execute physical performances such as sports and dancing falls into this category. Visual-spatial intelligence is the capacity to determine interrelationships and how they actually work together.

Another type is interpersonal intelligence which refers to the sensitivity and the ability to work with others and maintain a good relationship with them. Intrapersonal intelligence on the other hand encompasses the ability to make use of natural human drives such as emotions and motivations to stay on track. People who possess this intelligence are emotionally capable of handling the tides of life and turning them into something beneficial to him or them. Lastly, naturalistic intelligence as the name suggests refers to an individual who establishes an appreciation of the environment and all the life present in it.

Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligence relatively challenges the standards set by earlier theories. Multiple intelligences assert that the human mind does not function as a one-way processor but can be stretched way further. In whatever field one may excel it is not undermined by the nature of his or her intelligence but rather centralizes on one’s ability to make use of it for the greater good.

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