A short story is a popular form of literature that can be enjoyed in one sitting. They have distinctive concise narratives that are primarily concerned with a single effect in one scene. Short stories like any literary text can be classified with regard to their form and genre but for now, we’ll deal with the form which refers to how a certain literary text is written first and there are actually ten forms of short stories.

Out of all types of short stories, it was a vignette that emphasizes brief storytelling to achieve an impressionistic effect on the readers. A fable, on the other hand, recounts a story through the personification of animals and highlights the moral value that is explicitly revealed in the story. The anecdote is a type of short story that focuses on the amusing and interesting account throughout a person’s life while the feghoot is much more concerned with producing a humorous effect that comes in the form of a pun or a joke. Flash fiction is a notable type of short story known for its form ranging from 250 to 1500 or more words and pays attention to the momentarily gleam of life.

The mini-saga is probably the shortest form of the short story because it is written with extreme brevity consisting only of 50 words at most. Following this is the drabble the second shortest form of short story usually consists of a hundred words and tests the writer’s ability to deliver a story in a span of a few words. On the other hand, the frame story is a smaller part of a larger story that often comes in the form of flashbacks. The sketch story encompasses the descriptive image of a character or the setting.

Last but not least is the story sequence which is an anthology of short stories that is weaved together to form a longer piece. Unlike longer literary pieces like the novel, short stories are actually quite a challenge for the writer but what makes short story indulging is the fact that it is restricted with the use of few words or phrases or sentences that are not spoon-feeding the readers and leaving a few bits of the on their own understanding.

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