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You know from experience the importance of teaching academic as well as academic writing if you are an English language teacher in today’s language classroom.  According to research, academic English is a necessity for English language learners at any level and it has become a part of the curriculum.

Language proficiency is not easy and it is a long process. It takes three to five years to become proficient in English orally and four to seven years to become proficient in academic English.

Although language proficiency takes time to attain perfection, it is not surprising that having good writing and good skills can predict academic success. These are essential skills that motivate learners to stay in the classroom and not drop out. Take note that not all English learners reach higher education. Nonetheless, if an English learner is equipped with these two skills, he/she will be able to participate effectively in society.

Other great reasons to teach writing to TESOL students include:

  • Writing strengthens the learner’s understanding of the English language and keeps it in memory.
  • The actual writing method is a mental activity that helps learners learn in a better way.
  • The task of writing attracts some learners who need to see the written language and review it.
  • Writing is an important linguistic skill like reading, speaking, and listening. English language learners must be able to communicate effectively both in language and content classrooms. A leaner think critically analyzes information and expresses his/her opinions or thoughts if they want to succeed.

Five Elements of Good Writing

Below is a brief overview of the five features that are the foundation of effective writing skills.

1. Focus on your subject matter

A writer needs to initiate a focus. A good essay, whether it is expository, descriptive, or narrative, should be:

  • Has the vivid original main idea
  • Focused and specific
  • Has a clear purpose
  • Shows logical development of the main idea that fits the purpose
  • Have conclusions suited to reasoning

2. Categorize your Ideas

The essay needs to have an effective beginning, middle, and end. Just like your bedroom, you need it to be well-organized to make a great haven for you; a good essay needs to be well-structured to communicate ideas effectively.

  • Be organized
  • Manifest a rational sequence of ideas suited to your assignment.
  • Have well-developed paragraphs.
  • There must be one idea per paragraph to support smooth transitions between paragraphs.
  • Progress clearly from beginning to end.
  • Create a good introduction and conclusion.

3. Support the main idea with examples

Artists and craftsmen need quality tools to produce satisfactory work. The same with students, they need to support the main idea by:

  • Use reliable evidence
  • Define main points and support them with evidence.
  • Must have clear and relevant supporting details.
  • It is valid to have sure support.
  • Critically assess the sources.
  • Include counter-arguments.
  • Create connections between sources and your own writing
  • Refrain overusing quotes.

4. Use a suitable style

A princess costume is pretty at a party but it is not suitable to wear to your English class. It is also the same for good writing, you need to use a suitable writing style.

Effective writing needs to:

  • Be rational.
  • Good word choice and a purposeful vocabulary are better.
  • Have clear and concise sentences.
  • Construct each sentence carefully.
  • Use a wide array of sentence styles and lengths.
  • Convey your meaning as proficiently as you can.

5. Correct Usage of Language

Good writing needs to be impeccable. Grammar, spelling, or punctuation mistakes lessens the quality of any essay.

Learners need to:

  • Eradicate punctuation errors.
  • Refrain from making spelling mistakes.
  • Use proper format and presentation.
  • Avoid grammar mistakes.
  • For academic writing−show standard referencing and a reference list.

I hope my article on teaching writing has given you ideas to teach writing to TESOL students. It’s time to have fun, infuse your content with your personality, and dazzle your readers with your words.

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