In writing, colloquialism is the use in the writing of casual terms, phrases, or even slang. Colloquial terms appear to creep in when authors, as part of a culture, are influenced by individuals in that community. Instinctively, they must incorporate colloquial phrases into their vocabulary.

That being said, authors often use such terms deliberately, as it brings realism to their pieces. For example, in an American society fiction story, a greeting “what’s up? “among friends, it’ll seem more natural and fitting than the formal “How do you do?” or “How are you?

  1. Lit

Meaning: Something’s great, fun, or exciting.

  1. Salty

Meaning: They’re frustrated or angry about something trivial.

  1. Extra

Meaning: It implies they’re overly dramatic, excessive, high, or “drama queen.”

  1. Flex

Meaning: To show off.

  1. Tea

Meaning: To gossip/ spill some info about a person or individual.

  1. To ghost someone

Meaning: You cut off somebody you’re no longer interested in.

  1. Shook

Meaning: They’re shocked or extremely surprised.

  1. Clap back

Meaning: To answer another person’s criticism.

  1. Hangry

Meaning: A combination of the words hungry and angry.

  1.  Bamboozle

Meaning: To deceive

  1. Gonna

Meaning: going to

  1. Y’all

Meaning: you all

  1. Be blue

Meaning: to be sad

  1. Buzz off

Meaning: go away

  1. Wanna

Meaning: want to

  1. Ace

Meaning: description of doing an excellent performance

  1. Anorak

Meaning: Someone who’s a little bit of a nerd, typically in an obscure niche

  1. Bloke

Meaning: Surprise exclamation

  1. Blimey

Meaning: Surprise exclamation

  1. Bloke

Meaning: A regular person or a “guy”

  1. Boot

Meaning: The trunk of a vehicle

  1. Brilliant

Meaning: Anything that’s very awesome

  1. Brolly

Meaning: an umbrella

  1. Cheeky

Meaning: To be unnecessarily familiar or bold, even in the most endearing way.

  1. Cheers

Meaning: thank you

  1. Chinwag

Meaning: a chat

  1. Chockablock

Meaning: something that is completely filled

  1. Chuffed

Meaning: proud or delighted

  1. Codswallop

Meaning: Anything made up or not real

  1. Dodgy

Meaning: Anything less than secure or less protected

  1. Dog’s dinner

Meaning: A major mess that is often used to describe a situation

  1. Gobsmacked

Meaning: completely surprised

  1. Gutted

Meaning: horribly disappointed

  1. Knackered

Meaning: totally exhausted

  1. Lurgy

Meaning: an illness with symptoms like a cold or flu

  1. Pea souper

Meaning: a very foggy day

  1. Poppycock

Meaning: a very foggy day

  1. Posh

Meaning: nonsense

  1. Rubbish

Meaning: an exclamation meaning something is untrue or of poor quality

  1. Skive

Meaning: to skip work or school

  1. Smarmy

Meaning: smug or snobby with a false earnestness

  1. Strop

Meaning: a bad mood or sulk

  1. Tosh

Meaning: Something that’s untrue

  1. Swot

Meaning: a very serious, possibly geeky, student

  1. Whinge

Meaning: to whine and complain

  1. Ballpark

Meaning: Used to explain anything that’s near accurate

  1. Bomb

Meaning: to do terribly on an exam

  1. Cattywampus

Meaning: a crooked thing

  1. Flake

Meaning: An individual who cancels plans on a regular basis.

  1. Lemon

Meaning: A transaction that is inefficient and has a variety of concerns.

  1. Podunk

Meaning: Used for identifying a small town

  1. Raincheck

Meaning: A pledge to reprogram the arrangements that had to be canceled

  1. Ride shotgun

Meaning: Sit in the front passenger side of the vehicle.

  1. Bail

Meaning: to leave abruptly

  1. Score

Meaning: to get what you want

  1. Cram

Meaning: study in a haste before the exam

  1. Trash

Meaning: to destroy something

  1. Goof

Meaning: to make a mistake

  1. Chirping

Meaning: making fun of or taunting someone

  1. Click

Meaning: kilometer

  1. Keener

Meaning: Someone who’s working too hard to win a favor

  1. Serviette

Meaning: a napkin

  1. Skid

Meaning: A child from a low-income family

  1. Toque

Meaning: Warm hat or beanie

  1. Arvo

Meaning: afternoon

  1. Bludger

Meaning: a lazy person

  1. Cobber

Meaning: a good friend

  1. Deadset

Meaning: Something that is true

  1. Flat out

Meaning: extremely busy

  1. Furphy

Meaning: unlikely stories or rumors

  1. Mongrel

Meaning: An individual who is disrespectful or a troublesome man

  1. Rapt

Meaning: really pleased

  1. Swag

Meaning: a sleeping bag

  1. Woop Woop

Meaning: A town in the middle of nowhere.

  1.  No biggie/ No sweat/ no big deal

Meaning: It’s not a problem

  1. Laidback

Meaning: calm or relaxed

  1. Cool

Meaning: fantastic

  1. Bummer

Meaning: disappointment

  1. Chill

Meaning: Relaxed or calm

  1. Shady

Meaning: Suspicious or questionable

  1. Ripped

Meaning: physically fit

  1. Corny

Meaning: silly or cheesy

  1. Wrap up

Meaning: finish something

  1. Ditch

Meaning: skip an event

  1. Busted

Meaning: caught doing something wrong

  1. Flakey

Meaning: indecisive

  1. Beat

Meaning: Tired

  1.  Party animal

Meaning: a person who loves parties

  1.  Couch potato

Meaning: a lazy person

  1. Chicken

Meaning: coward

  1.  Whiz

Meaning: a smart/ genius person

  1. Tying the knot

Meaning: getting married

  1. Getting hitched

Meaning: getting married

  1. A blast

Meaning: fun/ enjoyable event

  1. Booze

Meaning: alcohol

  1. Wasted

Meaning: intoxicated

  1. Buck

Meaning: one dollar

  1. Rip- off

Meaning: the purchase that was overpriced

  1. In no time

Meaning: very soon

  1. Screw up

Meaning: to make a mistake

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