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5 Daily Smart English Words (Part 2)

We are going to share some smart English words together with their meanings to help you improve your vocabulary and fluency. Include this in your daily English practice schedule for best results.

  • Conventional
    It is an adjective that means basing something on what is ordinary or common. Or like a standard that is generally done or believed.
    Example: She’s very conventional about her viewpoints and beliefs.
  • Certitude
    It is a noun word that means an absolute certainty on a specific matter.
    Example: There’s a certitude reaction about the evidence.
  • Hearten
    This is another word for encouragement. When you use the word “hearten”, you are referring to making something or someone more cheerful or confident.
    Example: The manager heartens our hearts with his speech.
  • Aptitude
    Aptitude refers to the natural ability of someone towards something. Think of it as a natural tendency.
    Example: Jenny has an aptitude for sports and journalism.
  • Haste
    A noun word that means having excessive speed or urgency of movement of action. You can use this as another word for hurry.
    Example: Gerald was in haste when he forgot about his coat.


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