To show a connection between two independent clauses in one sentence, to link the ideas in two or more sentences, or show relationships between ideas within an independent clause we use transition words or conjunctive adverbs.

As adverbs the difference between henceforth and therefore is that henceforth means from now on or from this time on while therefore is for that reason or this purpose, referring to something previously stated.

We use “Henceforth” if we want to indicate in a sentence that we are going to impose or do something from now on. For example, “She announced that henceforth she would be running her father’s business” or “Henceforth, the management will send you a termination letter.”

“Therefore” is used when we want to show cause and effect between independent clauses, so it cannot be used to start a paragraph or included as part of a standalone sentence. It is also used to conclude a statement. For example, “You did not study last night and therefore you may fail the test” or “If I have more time, I can do more work and therefore create more.”

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