15 Idioms To Describe People Positively

In life, we will encounter different types of people – different styles, different personalities, and different perspectives. It could be negative or positive. This article will focus on the positive one. There are many ways to describe people positively. It could be in a simple or creative way. These 15 idioms will help you improve the way you describe or compliment people in a positive way.

  1. Eager beaver

A person who works extremely hard to complete tasks or reach objectives is known as an eager beaver.

Example: Tanya studies hard to pass the board examination in May. Indeed, she is an eager beaver!

  1. Family man

A man who is dedicated to his family is a family man.

Example: Justin is a family man because he prioritizes his family over his friends.

  1. Go-getter

Someone who is ambitious and persistent is referred to as a go-getter.

Example: Expanding a business is not easy, however, Matthew managed to make it happen. What a go-getter!

  1. Good egg

A nice person is described as a good egg.

Example: Leo brought snacks to his coworkers after receiving his salary yesterday. It shows that he is a good egg.

  1. Jack-of-all-trades

Someone who is a jack-of-all-trades can perform a variety of tasks rather than being an expert in just one.

Example: Earl is a doctor but he knows how to cook delicious food, repair a car, and drive an airplane. Indeed, he is a jack-of-all-trades!

  1. Man of his word/woman of her word

A person who consistently carries out what they promise is known as a man or woman of their word.

Example: Gabby married Justin because he has been a man of his word since they first met in college.

  1. Smart cookie

Someone who is clever and adept at solving problems is referred to as a “smart cookie.”

Example: Mary has been through challenges in life but she is a smart cookie so she overcame it all.

  1. Earth mother

It describes a woman who is particularly maternal and compassionate, or who has a natural aptitude for being a mother.

Example: Tisha showed her earth mother personality to her siblings when her parents went to Batangas for a business appointment.

  1. Social butterfly

An outgoing person who talks to everyone and never hangs out with one group for too long is a social butterfly.

Example: Alexa is the social butterfly in the group.

  1. Born optimist

An optimist is someone who has an optimistic outlook on life.

Example: Matilda always sees the positive side of everything. She is a born optimist.

  1. Culture vulture

Someone who adores culture, such as art, theater, literature, music, etc., is referred to as a “culture vulture.”

Example: Althea goes to museums every weekend as a culture vulture.

  1. People person

A person who is friendly, outgoing, and has excellent listening skills

Example: Gabby is a people person. She loves talking to people, even strangers.

  1. Happy camper

Someone who is consistently content and pleased.

Example: Nadine’s mother approved all the business proposals on her table because she is a happy camper.

  1. Nerd

A person who has a strong interest in computers or science in general.

Example: As a nerd, she spends her time reading books about medicine.

  1. Life and soul of the party

Someone who is lively and entertaining when socializing.

Example: Janice danced at the tabletop during our reunion. She was the life and soul of the party.

Don’t forget to use it the next time you go into someone who fits one of the aforementioned idioms!

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