How To Compliment People Idiomatically

Idiomatic Expressions are words or phrases wherein the meaning of the words is far from their literal meaning. These expressions are widely used even in our everyday lives and we may not be aware of some of them. While these expressions may be used to improve our vocabulary, they can also be used in different situations and settings.

We can use these expressions as a form of compliment for the people we talk to. Some best examples of common idiomatic expressions as a compliment are the following:

  1. At one’s fingertips which means complete knowledge
  2. Daredevil which means fearless
  3. Live-wire which means an energetic person
  4. Past master which  means an expert
  5. Steal someone’s thunder which means making a better impression on someone

These expressions are very helpful especially when we want to establish a better relationship or build a good relationship with someone. But we also have to consider how we pull off and express these expressions as we do not want to be inconsiderate or insensitive.

Some expressions may also appear sarcastic and offensive wherein people can interpret these expressions as discriminating ones disguised as compliments which is why we have to be careful of using these. Compliments are well-expressed when we are able to successfully deliver our compliments without any misunderstandings in return. Before we can use these expressions and share them with other people, we must first understand how we can use these and how these expressions will be appropriate for certain instances.

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