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5 Daily Smart English Words (Part 1)

We are going to share some smart English words together with their meanings to help you improve your vocabulary and fluency. Include this in your daily English practice schedule for best results.

· Lurch
It is a word verb which means making unsteady and uncontrolled movements.
Example: She stands in an unsteady lurch.

· Frown
When you say frown, it means forming an expression of frustration or disapproval.
Example: Annie saw the teacher’s quick frown and immediately explained her side.

· Maunder
This is a verb word that means talking in a rambling manner.
Example: George is maundering on about the taste of his wine.

· Oversee
To oversee means to supervise with full capacity.
Example: They employ Krisha to oversee the project.

· Contingency
A noun word that refers to a future event or circumstance which is possible to happen but is uncertain to happen.
Example: The company provided contingency plans.

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