A sentence is consist of a group of words that functions to give a complete meaning, thought, action, or idea. It also works systematically in accordance with grammatical structure and principles. So with this in mind, it is important to take note of how its parts conjure to create the right message intended by the speaker.

 A complete sentence is made up of a subject, predicate, object, and clause. The subject is what is being described while the predicate is what the subject is all about.


1. Anna is the apple of the eye of her parents.

Subject: Anna

Predicate: the apple of the eye of her parents

2. She looks like a fairy in her white dress.

Subject: She

Predicate: look like a fairy in her white dress.

An object, on the other hand, can easily be confused with the subject. But what makes it different from the subject is that a verb or an action word is enacted upon it.


1. Anna gave me a present on my birthday.

  Object: me

  Verb: gave

2. Her parents brought her a new bag.

   Object: her

   Verb: brought

There are three kinds of object, the direct object or the “doer” of the action and the indirect object or the receiver of the action and the object of the preposition that modifies the meaning of the verb to form a prepositional phrase which includes the element of time place and space.


Direct Object

I  had to sneak out of our house to buy ice cream.

Indirect Object

My sister has to do my assignments for me.

Object of Preposition

During the class, Anna cannot sit still.

The last part of the sentence that we are going to tackle is the clause. A clause is made up of words where the subject and the predicate are present. There are two types of clause, the dependent or the subordinate clause that does not express a complete thought and the independent clause which basically can stand on its own.


Although it was raining yesterday,  she chose to wash her shoes.

Dependent Clause: Although it was raining yesterday

Independent Clause: She chose to wash her shoes

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