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8 other words for KIND + examples

  1. Benevolent
    Example: Mr. Heckles is always benevolent towards his fellow townsmen.
  2. Considerate
    Example: Hermie is a very considerate professor since then.
  3. Courteous
    Example: The hotel room attendant from South Blvd. Was undeniably courteous.
  4. Helpful
    Example: Their family is truly helpful to all of us, especially during calamities.
  5. Loving
    Example: My sister is a loving woman.
  6. Patient
    Example: Samantha is excellent in caregiving, she is a really patient woman.
  7. Sweet
    Example: Vanesa used to be so sweet with her parents.
  8. Thoughtful
    Example: Even though Paul is sometimes noisy, you can see that he is also a thoughtful guy.

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