Why Everyone Needs a Will

Why Does Everyone Need a Will? What for?

Will is often described as the ability to control one’s own actions or emotions. Say, for example, you have the will to finish your schoolwork tonight. It means you’re determined to do those and to finish those within the deadline you did set for yourself.

But why is it important?

Having a will to do something is what keeps us going. It’s like that urge that motivates us to get up and keep going and continue what we’re doing. Without a will, one cannot be fully productive. Without a will, you may result in doing various things that you don’t really want to do at all.

How does it benefit us?

As mentioned above, the will is that urge that motivates us. It urges us to be productive and to keep doing and reaching our goals. We may be able to accomplish a lot of things and tasks with our will. Some people may have a hard time finding the will to do some important things so, for some who rarely lose their willpower, they’re very lucky.

Is it limited to just an urge that motivates us?

More than something that motivates us, will is like self-command. It gives us the purpose to do various things even without the guidance of someone. It is having control over yourself to make use of your time to do productive tasks instead of wasting your time.

So is it a good thing or a bad thing?

Actually, it is a good thing. Having that urge to keep accomplishing a lot of tasks means you’re being able to acquire progress and improvements. It’s a good thing because it pushes us to keep striving for the better.

To be able not to lose your will to keep doing the things you need or love to do, you should always find time to assess yourself. Assess your hobbies, your passion, and your work, and set a limit for the personal and professional aspects. Give yourself some rest for a while without losing that urge in you.

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