How much is too much?

It is a very relevant question to be asked nowadays especially the topic in regards to mental health is very timely right now. A lot of people have numerous arguments about how to measure someone’s sensitivity level.

But to answer the question, there isn’t really an answer. Why? Because every person has a different level of sensitivity. A big deal for someone may just be a small thing for someone. So with that said, we really cannot measure a level of sensitivity. Thus, we should just learn to be extra sensitive to the people around us.

People grew up in the age of social media where they are prone to judgment through words. They can easily receive insensitive remarks online and for some people, it can be a small thing but they do not know how impactful it is for the other end, for the person who is at the receiving end.

For example, the never-ending remark of your relatives to you which is ‘You gained weight!/You’re too fat already!” during family gatherings. For them, it may just be a joke to ease the awkwardness of letting themselves have a matter to laugh at but for the person who received those words, it may have torn down their self-confidence. Being able to comment about someone’s life is already a thing we should be done carefully so the last thing we want is to say a lot of hurtful words that can end up them feeling like they’ve had enough already.

Words are awfully powerful that they can easily hurt someone. And with that, we should always keep in our mind that not everyone has the same level of sensitivity as us so instead of asking them if what they felt or if what we said is too much, we should rely on our feelings. Sense it you struck a wrong part of them and immediately apologize. We should be more understanding and consider the feelings of other people, especially since we have resources to educate ourselves regarding this topic.

How much is too much? No, I think the proper question to address this issue is, do we have to wait for someone to have enough of everything before we learn to be sensitive to our words?

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