Guidelines for Teaching Vocabulary

Vocabulary is a word that has its uniqueness within it. It has been explained in various contexts deriving countless definitions from it depending on how you use and apply it. One famous meaning obtained from such words is that it is our immediate recognition of words in a print or being able to understand the words spoken. Learning and understanding the essence of vocabulary is such a wonderful and blissful feeling as being able to see the wonders and paradigms of it in a bigger perspective could take us to various places.

Developing one’s vocabulary is undeniably significant to one individual. It increases one’s literacy skills and helps in broadening one’s capabilities.

  • Word Meaning
  • Reading the word
  • Writing the word
  • Word-learning strategies
  • Word consciousness

  • Word Meaning

First and foremost, one should know the definition of the word first. Learn the background of it to start having a grasp of it. Aside from knowing its meaning, one should know its connotation or its phrases and idioms in which it appears, synonyms and antonyms, derivatives, and etymology.

  • Reading the Word

Now here comes the exciting part, which is being able to explain the word through speaking. Being able to know the term through text doesn’t necessarily ensure that one can comprehend the meaning correctly. Providing and letting the individual talk and show in an enriching matter what is their understanding of the context is one way of knowing if he or she can understand completely the manner of what the word is all about.

  • Writing the Word

Letting the individual uses the word and set of words that he or she learns through writing will be a test if he or she was able to show the accuracy of its meaning. Word Learning Strategies

  • Word Learning Strategies

To fully broaden one’s understanding of the word, word games could be a helpful way of ensuring that what they learn will not be forgotten and will be stuck in their minds. It includes such as mime, picture games, five-minute vocabulary lessons, etc. Adding some games to learning is a fun way of learning it, and it will be enjoyable as they will be encouraged to continue learning.

  • Word Consciousness

Over time, being able to learn different words and knowing the meaning behind them will soon be imprinted on one’s mind. In this stage, the learner will be the one who will be the one to demonstrate his interest in learning it.

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