The quality of the lessons to be presented in any pedagogic area plays a vital part in determining the success of the teaching styles employed and how much can the learners acquire throughout the whole process. This also applies to teaching English as a second language.

But then, how can one establish effective lessons to be deployed? Listed below are the necessary components of lessons.

1. Learning Objectives

Having clear objectives at every lesson keeps you on track. Picture out what you expect the learners to be able to attain. Objectives should be direct and realistic and as most likely to happen. Be aware of what learners are capable of. Make sure you reach each objective in a given time frame.

2. Related Requirements

These are requirements that is encouraged by the national state or the school or any pedagogical institutions where you work. They will ensure that you are following the proper protocols in teaching. They also serve as a standard for the learners to achieve.

3. Lesson Materials

This is the list of material you needed to employ in the lessons as well as to evaluate what learners have accumulated throughout each session. Materials may come in the form of handouts, books, visual aids, grading rubrics, activity packs, and gadgets such as laptops or tablets.

4. Lesson Procedure

This is a step-by-step guide on how you will impart lessons to each learner. For example, you may start off by recognizing the learner’s background in each lesson by conducting a quiz to test if they have any knowledge about the lesson. By doing so you are already aware of what they can do and how you will deliver the lesson effectively. Reflect on the results and see what you can do to further improve what they previously learn.

5. Assessments and  Evaluation

Assessments will keep you updated with the learner’s development like where they excel or which part they lack. Be ready to address if they are lacking. This will also give you an idea if you ever need to change the way you teach or if you need to modify a few parts of the lesson procedure to ensure that the learners learn best.

6. Keep records

  After every lesson, it is essential to keep records. They will provide data and pieces of information about the learners’ progress. What factors may affect what they learn or what areas you should improve? Be flexible and ready to make adjustments to address these issues.

Surely, effective teaching strategies require both the teachers and the learners to shed some sweat but a plan of action before doing so will help you stay on track and move forward.

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