Shopping at the Mall – Face To Face

Joey wants to surprise his wife, Anna, on their 10th year wedding anniversary. He has been giving her opulent bags for two consecutive years and he wanted to shift his practice. While waiting for their daughter’s tutorial, Jim decided to drive to the nearest mall and look for a present. He wanted something special yet economical. While roaming around, he saw a poster of a woman wearing a necklace and a ring which gave him an idea.

Joey: Hello, good evening. Would you help me find a nice present for my wife?
Lea: Hi sir. Good evening. May I know for which occasion?
Joey: It is for our 10th year wedding anniversary. I want something special but still, economical.
Lea: With that in mind sir, I suggest jewelry- a long-term investment for every woman. May I know the birth month of your wife?
Joey: Yeah, actually I was thinking the same. She’s an August baby.
Lea: Oh nice, your wife has a good birthstone; Peridot. You may want to check this limited edition dainty heart Peridot stone necklace, sir. It comes with an old gold rose Singapore Chain. Here sir, have a glimpse.
Joey: This is perfect. May I know the meaning of this particular stone?
Lea: Peridot is believed to instill power and influence in the wearer, sir. It also symbolizes protection from an evil eye. For sure your wife will love this.
Joey: I see, thank you for the information. Does it come with a box? How much would it cost?
Lea: Yes, sir. For this necklace, it’s PHP 75,000.00
Joey: Okay, do you accept MasterCard?
Lea: Yes, we do sir.
Joey: Here’s my card and please wrap it in your most special way.
Lea: All right, sir kindly sign this receipt at the bottom part, and here is your wife’s present. Have a great night and life full of love!
Joey: Thank you for the help! I hope my wife will love it.

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