How To Insult People With These 17 Idioms

Have you ever been irritated? Have you been ditched? Got talked about behind your back? In this article,17 idioms are listed below for insulting someone. Is it possible to do it with or without them? Yes!


  • The teacher’s pet

Someone who is a favorite of a professor or teacher in a class.
Example: Zara told Mae, “Do not be a teacher’s pet”.


  • A creature of habit

Someone who chooses the same thing on the selection or menu. It could be the food, color of clothes, or routine.
Example: Matilda is a creature of habit every time we eat at Mcdonald’s.


  •  A goody-goody

Someone who feels that everything they do is right; trying to please someone superior to them.
Example: I have seen how goody-goody Leon was when he passed the business proposal this morning.


  • A know-it-all

Someone who knows everything; thinks they know every detail; thinks they are intelligent.
Example: Brandon raised his hands always. He is such a know-it-all!


  • A backseat driver

Someone who is sitting in the back of the car and telling the driver how to drive or the direction.
Example: My little brother is a backseat driver.


  • Pain in the neck

Someone who is annoying.
Example: Damien is such a pain in the neck. He shows up late during dance practices.


  • Cheapskate

Someone who hates spending money on anything.
Example: I have a friend who is a cheapskate.


  • Dipstick

Someone who is unintelligent.
Example: He is a dipstick when it comes to managing money.


  • Slave driver

Someone who makes others work extremely hard.
Example: Jonas does not contribute anything during our thesis. It shows that he is a slave driver


  • Wimp

Someone who is lacking in confidence.
Example: Jenni has stage fright. She is such a wimp.


  • Big mouth

Someone who is incapable of keeping a secret.
Example: Ronni shared a secret with Jamie, not knowing she is a big mouth.


  • Busybody

Someone who shows a keen interest in the private lives of others.
Example: My friend just talks to me as if she is a busybody.


  • Skiver

Someone who is absent from school or work for no apparent reason
Example: Sometimes, Lacy is a skiver.


  • Creep

Someone who is nasty in convincing people in higher authority.
Example: Donald just shows up at work and acts like a creep!


  • Full of yourself

Someone who praises themselves and proves to others they are capable of doing something more.
Example: “You, Rey, are full of yourself!”, Matilda said when they argued yesterday.


  • Lamebrain

Someone who is a sluggish thinker takes a while to come up with an idea.
Example: Cory told me that she was a lamebrain during the exam last Monday.


  • Wet blanket

Someone who spoils other people’s enjoyment by being perpetually pessimistic and complaining.
Example: Last night, me and my brother went to Chicago, but acted like a wet blanket.

Sometimes, some people find it offensive when you use it on them. But, if your goal is to insult them, well, choose wisely.





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