A parallel sentence is usually used when comparing items. The parallel sentence expresses more words which is why it can be challenging to make one and relay it. However, there is actually a trick to making use of this sentence fully. It is much easier to comprehend if the words or the thoughts are arranged in an organized manner and that is to use the same grammatical structure.  Parallel sentences made use of essential words to tie up the message with the use of the conjunctions or the linking words, specifically the coordinating conjunctions. There are the seven coordinating conjunctions that are applied when making parallel sentences; for, and, nor, but, or, yet and so. They are simply referred to as FANBOYS for better memorization.


Making a list

  1. I was sent to pick up some berries, some peaches, and some apples on the way home.
  2. After breakfast, I have to wash the dishes, clean my room, and help out in preparing lunch.
  3. Before you go out, please make sure you fix your bed, finish your breakfast and lock your room.

Making comparisons

  1. I prefer to swim in the sea rather than to swim in the pool.
  2. The mother loves to cook using firewood than using the stove.
  3. Nilo loves to go swimming than hiking.
  4. I’d rather be staying here than go out with my friends.

Notice that the highlighted words or phrase is repeated in the sentence. This is to achieve organization in the thought and to maintain a clear thought. With this repetition, the sentence is much better to understand. Other highlighted words or phrases are all using the same verb tenses. By doing so a sense of unity is established. It helps shape the space and time frame of the sentence.

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