Immigration and Customs – Business Trip

Ben, an Industrial Engineer, was chosen to represent his company, the ABC Corporation, for the ocular project site visit in Japan. He is expected to stay for two weeks to meet Mr. Sato, of Aiko Corporation. Here is an example of a typical interview of an Immigration Officer with a passenger.

Immigration Officer: Good morning, your destination, please?
Ben: Good morning. I will be flying to Japan today.
IO: May I have your passport?
Ben: Here it is, together with my attached visa, sir.
IO: Okay. Let’s make this quick; state your full name, age, and nationality.
Ben: I am Ben Cruz, 24 years of age and I am a Filipino.
IO: What is your purpose for travel?
Ben: This is purely business travel. I am an Industrial Engineer of ABC Corporation and I will be conducting an ocular visit to our project site in Narita.
IO: May I have your papers and your license, please?
Ben: Here is my license, sir. The invitation letter from our partnered company in Japan, my certification of employment, and as mentioned earlier, my tourist visa are already attached to my passport.
IO: I see that you were granted a 5-month tourist visa.
Ben: Yes, that’s right, sir. But I do not have plans to use it for now.
IO: Why not?
Ben: After my Japan visit, I will immediately fly back home to see our Davao project. IO: How long will be the duration of your stay in Japan?
Ben: I will be just spending two weeks on our site, sir.
IO: All right. Do you have anything to declare?
Ben: I do have with me today a bottle of 50ml perfume.
IO: Any other forms of liquid aside from your perfume?
Ben: None, sir.
IO: Have you brought any food with you?
Ben: No sir, I think I’ll be good with the aircraft food.
IO: Okay, you can now proceed. Enjoy your travel.

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