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There are a lot of tricky words in the English language that seems easy to spell but we’re actually screwed up by its bothersome errors. The Oxford Dictionary contains about a hundred thousand words and most of our incorrect spellings and dilemmas in confusing words are caused by double consonants such as m, s, r, and t, in addition to these common mistakes are words with silent letters in their unit.

Listed below are the incorrect and correct spelling for most commonly misspelled words in the English language. Read and try to spot if some of the words you’re confused about were enumerated below.

Words are often spelled wrong because of a popular statement, “i” before “e” except after c.

  • Incorrect: recieve
  • Correct: receive
  • Incorrect: percieve
  • Correct: perceive
  • Incorrect: conceirge
  • Correct: concierge
  • Incorrect: peice
  • Correct: piece
  • Incorrect: acheive
  • Correct: achieve
  • Incorrect: seige
  • Correct: siege
  • Incorrect: greif
  • Correct: grief
  • Incorrect: wierd
  • Correct: weird

The following words contain letters that are left unpronounced or were slightly pronounced, sometimes these are tricky to spell and easy not to notice, be careful.

  • Incorrect: concious
  • Correct: conscious
  • Incorrect: curiousity
  • Correct: curiosity
  • Incorrect: insomia
  • Correct: insomnia
  • Incorrect: goverment
  • Correct: government
  • Incorrect: enviroment
  • Correct: environment
  • Incorrect: battallion
  • Correct: battalion
  • Incorrect: irresistable
  • Correct: irresistible
  • Incorrect: basicly
  • Correct: basically

Finally, the words listed below are probably one of the most confusing to spell. Sometimes we tend to rewrite or retype the word multiple times because of how bothersome the double letters are. We also have a habit of omitting some consonants or vowels, unsure if the letter should be double or not. 

  • Incorrect: acommodate/accomodate
  • Correct: accommodate
  • Incorrect: tommorow
  • Correct: tomorrow
  • Incorrect: comittee
  • Correct: committee
  • Incorrect: ocassion
  • Correct: occasion
  • Incorrect: posession
  • Correct: possession
  • Incorrect: preffered/prefered
  • Correct: preferred
  • Incorrect: bizzarre
  • Correct: bizarre
  • Incorrect: cigarrette
  • Correct: cigarette
  • Incorrect: tatoo
  • Correct: tattoo
  • Incorrect: baloon
  • Correct: balloon
  • Incorrect: accross
  • Correct: across
  • Incorrect: agressive
  • Correct: aggressive
  • Incorrect: Haloween/Hallooween
  • Correct: Halloween
  • Incorrect: succesfull/successfull
  • Correct: successful

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