Public Transportation – Business Trip

It was around 7:30 in the morning and Tim was in rush to still make it up on his 8:30 am meeting with his client in a coffee bar in Makati. Initially, he was planning to take the Public Utility Vehicle, locally known as the FX, but as he checked his watch, he was already running out of time. He decided to try the Grab app and luckily, he was able to book in a snap.

Anthony: Hello sir! I am Anthony, and I will be your driver for today.
Tim: Nice to meet you, Anthony! Kindly take me to this location; it says here, The Coffee Bar in Makati. I will be meeting my client an hour from now.
Anthony: I am familiar with this location, sir. Shall we go?
Tim: Yes please, would you give me a favor?
Anthony: What is it, sir?
Tim: I cannot be late for this meeting, kindly drive safely but would you find a shorter route for me to catch up?
Anthony: I will do the best that I can to meet your time, sir. I just wish we will not be facing any heavy traffic today.
Tim: Oh yes. I’ll be crossing my fingers for this!
Anthony: I will be using the Waze app too so we can get a shortcut guide for this.
Tim: Yes please, I was about to recommend it. It really is a great and helpful app.
Anthony: I have been using this for quite some time now, sir. It’s such a great help especially to us, grab drivers since most of our passengers’ destinations are not that common to hear.
Anthony: That is the beauty of technology and social media. It lessens the difficulty for most people.
Anthony: Here we are now, sir.
Tim: Wow, you drove smoothly and did a great service! Thank you so much again, Anthony. Here is my payment and some tip. Have a great day!

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