Meeting an Attorney – Face To Face

Mrs. Tan’s hardheaded son, Chris, is known as a bully in their class. He finds pleasure to see people, even his friends, cry because of him. He gets their food, dominate them by taking advantage of his height and villain voice, or by simply making fun of their physical appearances both online and in person. One day, one of his classmates confessed to his parents regarding the situation he has been dealing with Chris, and the parents didn’t want to let it pass so they filed a case; Cyberbullying Crime, against Chris. Mrs. Tan, as a single mother and a businesswoman herself, cannot manage to do all the work to talk with her son. So she seeks out Atty. Mia’s help and guidance, one of the recommended lawyers of her friends.

Atty. Alice: Hello Mrs. Tan, I am Atty. Alice Mia, it’s a pleasure to finally meet you. Mrs. Tan: Thank you Atty. Alice, it’s good to see you in person. Here, have a seat.
Atty. Alice: Thank you.
Mrs. Tan: Before anything else, I’d like to ask if you want to have a drink first?
Atty. Alice: A black coffee would be fine, thank you.
Mrs. Tan: Okay, here have some. I need your help; my son is going on a trial. I know he is a minor, but so with his victim. They charged him with Cyberbullying.
Atty Alice: Right, right. I see. I am definitely here to help but I don’t think this coffee bar is a perfect place to talk about it. Would you mind having it done in your place instead?
Mrs. Tan: Yeah, I was about to say it. And by the way, how much do you usually charge for this case?
Atty. Alice: my rate is $150.00.
Mrs. Tan: my friends have been talking about you and your works over the years, I’d like to book.
Atty. Alice: Great. Let’s proceed to your car, shall we?

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