Changing Money – Business Trip

Joey, an Australian author, finally arrived in the Philippines after an almost 10hrs non-stop flight from Rio de Janeiro to Manila. It was his first time visiting the country after taking some vacation in South America, to conduct his research for his upcoming book. He is skeptical about the lifestyle and directions of the Ninoy Aquino International Airport. As a foreigner, one of the first things to look for is a money changer. Joey decided to ask one of the airport staff to help him find the money changer in the airport.

Joey: Hi good morning. Would you help me find the nearest money changer?
Staff: Hello good morning. We only have one money changer here in Terminal 1 it is located at the arrival area which is at the lower ground floor. You may take the elevator and press one. When you exit from the elevator, the money changer kiosk will be the first thing you will see.
Joey: Great. Thanks for the clear directions. Have a great day!
Staff: My pleasure, sir. Good day ahead!
Joey: Hello good morning! May I know the current exchange rate for the Australian Dollar to Philippine Peso?
Clerk: Good morning, sir. As of 10:57 am on September 30, 2020, our current exchange rate for AUD to PHP is 34.56 pesos.
Joey: Great! Do you have any forms to fill up?
Clerk: Here, sir. Also, kindly prepare your passport for identification security.
Joey: Alright. If you won’t mind, kindly give me five hundred instead of one thousand cash?
Clerk: As you requested, sir.
Joey: Thank you!
Clerk: Sir Joey, please sign here. A total of thirty-five thousand eight hundred seventy-three pesos and fifty centavos. Kindly check and let me know if everything’s good. Joey: Thank you for your great service. Have a good day!
Clerk: You too, sir! Thank you!

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