Check-in Into A Hotel – Business Trip

Front Desk Officer: Good evening, welcome to ABC Hotel! How may I help you?
Guest: I have a reservation. It is under my company’s name, CBA Corporation. Here is my official company ID, I am Mr. Tan.
FO: Okay sir; kindly give me a couple of seconds to find it.
Guest: Sure.
FO: Yes, Mr. Tan we have your reservation- a double room with a view of the bay for three nights. Is that correct, sir?
Guest: yes, it is.
FO: All right, Mr. Tan. Your company has settled all your credits in advance and all you have to do is to sign this waiver along the bottom as proof of claim and attendance.
Guest: Yes, since I will be here for a business trip. May I know the inclusions for this?
FO: The inclusions for this reservation are a full continental buffet every morning, free airport car service, and the use of all our hotel’s facilities.
Guest: Will my mini-bar in my room be finally free?
FO: Oh no, sir. Sorry, but it will still be charged to the account provided. Also, any hotel room service will have an additional charge, of course.
Guest: I am just kidding. By the way, what room am I in?
FO: It is room 506, sir. Here is your key card. To get to your room, kindly take the elevator on the left side up to the fifth floor. Then turn right once you exit the elevator and your room will be on the left-wing. You may leave your bags here in the lobby; our concierge is responsible to bring your bags up shortly.
Guest: Excellent. Thank you.
FO: Should you need any requests and questions, Mr. Tan, just dial “0” from your telephone room. Also, the whole establishment is Wi-Fi-zoned.
Guest: thank you for your wonderful service.
FO: My pleasure, Mr. Tan. Enjoy your stay here at the ABC Hotel! Have a good night.

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