At A Restaurant – Business Trip

Annie and Trish decided to celebrate a dreadful yet successful presentation of their product bar soap for their business. They chose to have it done at their go-to restaurant ever since they were college students. Most of the staff of ABC Restaurant is already familiar with them; let us take a look at how they will handle their loyal customers amidst lunchtime, one of the busiest times for any food service establishment.

Trish: Oh no! There’s a heavy line out there! Did you make any reservations for us? Annie: I didn’t! I wasn’t expecting to see such a long line.
Trish: Shall we still proceed? Or look for another one?
Annie: The staff knows us; for sure they’ll take away.
Receptionist: Hello good afternoon, Ms. Trish and Ms. Annie! Welcome back to ABC Restaurant!
Annie: Hi good afternoon! We will be celebrating our successful presentation today! Can we get our favorite spot, please?
Receptionist: Let me check for your reservations ma’am and the availability of your selected spot. Then I’ll endorse you to our server in a minute.
Annie: We actually didn’t make any reservations today but we are your most loyal customers ever!
Trish: Annie, I don’t think it is worth accepting. Let’s be more considerable and sensitive with those people extending their patience to take the queue.
Receptionist: Thank you for understanding Ms. Trish. We are sorry to say but we have to follow the sequence of the line-up Ms. Annie, if you could extend a bit of your patience to wait we can give you your favorite spot after 2 more guests on the line and be giving some complimentary drinks.
Trish: I see, sorry for my rudeness. I was actually after my emotions and hunger. Receptionist: would it be fine with you to wait, Ms. Trish?
Trish: Yeah, I’m actually good with.. slot 3? Am I correct? We will just leave our contact details so you could update us. We’ll roam around to look for some ice cream first to lighten up my mood.
Receptionist: Yes, that is right. Thank you for understanding Ms. Trish. We will surely notify you afterward.

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