Going To The Movies – Face To Face

Joey and Jenny finally decided to join the bandwagon after hearing many good reviews for the movie, World War Z. As expected, a long line welcomed them at the cinema. With desperation to still be able to get tickets for two, they patiently waited in line.

Jenny: I wish we could still get tickets for this! Most of my officemates have been sharing their thoughts about the ending! I cannot keep up with them.
Joey: Let us just try to get our luck today. I hope not everyone from this line will watch World War Z.
Jenny: I am pretty sure they will! But, let us just see what’s waiting ahead of us.
Staff: Hello good afternoon! Welcome to the Cinema 101! Which movie would you like to watch today and what time do you prefer?
Joey: Hi, we would like to check if there are still vacant seats for two for the next roll of World War Z?
Staff: Let me check if there are still available tickets for this, sir. World War Z tickets run so quickly! It’s been two weeks since it was launched, yet the line seemed to pile up as days go by!
Joey: Yes please, thank you! I know. There are lots of good reviews for this movie that made us curious too!
Staff: I’m sorry sir, but the only available ticket for World War Z will be at 7:30 tonight, that will be the last showing. Also, only the front seats are vacant for this.
Joey: Oh no, would you like to still proceed or maybe we could be a bit earlier for tomorrow to get better seats?
Jenny: Of course not! I cannot let this pass whatever it takes! We’ll grab it!
Staff: Alright. With this ma’am, here are your tickets and you will be assigned at 1a- 1b.
Jenny: Yeah, all good. How much would it all cost?
Staff: It’s PHP 680.00, ma’am.
Jenny: Okay, thank you so much!
Staff: Thank you and enjoy the movie! Have a good day!
Jenny: You too! Thanks.

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