Using the Telephone – Over The Phone

Mrs. Lim runs her business most of the time using telephone calls and internet. She has been using ABC Telecommunications, one of the fastest and most well-recommended telecommunications in town, for almost 15 years. This morning, her line suddenly got suspended without notice. So she emailed ABC Telecommunications’ service center for assistance.

Prince: Good Afternoon, Mrs. Lim. I am Prince de la Paz, one of the licensed Software Engineers of ABC Telecommunications. We received your email regarding your line suspension. Allow me to come in and check your line.
Mrs. Lim: Hi good afternoon, Prince. Yes, kindly help me with my telephone line. Its dial tone hasn’t been working since this morning. I am expecting calls from my clients today.
Prince: I see Mrs. Lim. Let me do my best for this incident, I’ll just get my tools and equipment from my car.
Mrs. Lim: Yes, please. You may enter my house after you get your things.
Prince: Seems like someone unfastened the cable from your telephone, Mrs. Lim. Do you have anyone or pets with you?
Mrs. Lim: I am actually alone in this house. Of course, sometimes my children visit me. But I got my dog, Chichi. I assume she is the one responsible for this.
Prince: I see Mrs. Lim; I could actually get some streak of dog clamp.
Mrs. Lim: Oh no, my cutie little pooch is again making her stubborn habit!
Prince: It’s okay Mrs. Lim, I already changed your cable to avoid any fuss. Kindly check if you got back your dial tone?
Mrs. Lim: it seems like you’ve made your job well. The dial tone is already working. Thank you so much for your help.
Prince: My pleasure, Mrs. Lim. Do you have any more concerns with the other lines?
Mrs. Lim: None. How much would this service cost?
Prince: it’s PHP 550.00 ma’am.
Mrs. Lim: here it is, thank you so much for your kind heart! Have a good day!
Prince: If you need any help later on Mrs. Lim, you can definitely call our office. We’re open 24/7! Have a good day!

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